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            Enter Group

            Container Coating Petroleum and Petrochemical Coating Marine Coating Steel Structure Coating Photoelectric Coating Rail Transit Coating Car Coating Wood Coating

            Product Overview

            The water-based container cover coating is a water-based coating system for containers, which is composed of water-based epoxy zinc-rich primer, water-based epoxy intermediate coating, water-based epoxy inner coating and water-based acrylic top coating. It has low VOC and excellent corrosion resistance. A new generation of waterborne anticorrosive coatings.

            Product features

            1. The matching coating has excellent initial water resistance;
            2.Good construction performance, suitable for the construction process of domestic mainstream box factory;
            3.Low VOC content, bottom odor, friendly construction environment;
            4. Excellent matching between coatings.

            System products Solution Project

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